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For Morrowind Ive split the people into two categories: still at Bethesda and elsewhere. Still at Bethesda * Matthew Carofano* worked as lead artist. Carofano is currently art director at Bethesda and last worked as world art for Fallout 4 and was lead artist for Skyrim. Guy Carver* worked as a programmer and lead Xbox programmer. Carver is currently Bethesdas technical director and was lead programmer on Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Brian Chapin* worked on additional world art an.

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Winter Clan is looking for new members to join our amazing community! Winter has multiple branches across all three platforms and we are constantly growing. With over 5,800 members across all platforms, the fun never stops and there is always someone around to link up and take down the Darkness with! Winter is dedicated to a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where players of all experience and skill levels can enjoy any event, be it raiding, PVP, Nightfall, or just general tomfoolery. We have reg.


Ahoy, A little bit over 2 weeks ago the whole Blitzchung/Blizzard thing happened ( read up] statement_about_blitzchung_incident/ if you don't know what happened) and /u/randomwordbot [suggested] about_blizzards_hk_ruling_heres_what_to_do/ EU players should do a GDPR request. I just got an email from Blizzard with a reply. It's the longest email I've gotten to date. I fig.